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Here is where we keep the goods… the pictures and the videos.

30.Jul.12: Simon, Erika and I skied the SW chutes of Mount Adams last weekend.  That really is one of the best ski lines I've ever seen.  The drive was way too long, the climb was hard work on badly sun-cupped snow, and the snow on the summit was truly horrendous.  However once you get into those SW chutes and start to ski the four thousand vertical feet of beautiful 35-40 degree corn surrounded by stunning scenery, it's all worth it.  Here's the route

7.Jul.12: Adrian, Alex, Simon, Lisa, Erika and I summited Baker on a July weekend.  It was the standard Coleman-Deming trip from Heliotrope Ridge.  Despite the lack of snow at the trailhead, hiking up the West side of Grouse Creek still seems far more efficient than the summer trail to get to the skiable snow.  Here's the route.  There's still an endless list of trips I need to post, even recent ones such as Garibaldi.  Oh well, be thankful I posted this one within a week!

26.May.12: Adrian, Simon and I had a bold plan to ski over Big Interior to Nine Peaks and back in a day from the Bedwell trailhead on the island. We probably could have done it, but made a bad choice in skiing the ridge towards Big Interior rather than the obvious bowl. Waterfall sounds and a foreshortened view that made a terrain trap look a lot worse than it actually was deterred us from that route. In contrast, the ridge looked fine, but turned out to be very lumpy. It was just as well, the traverse beyond Big Interior looked a touch sketchy in the sun. The end result was an enjoyable outing to Big Interior Mountain and some pleasant corn coming down the open bowl we should have also climbed.  Here's the full route

12.Apr.12: Adrian, Alex, Simon and I went to Ipsoot over the Easter weekend.  We skinned up the South Miller Creek access road from the new "run-of-river" hydro station.  There are some signs down low asking you to keep out but they leave a man-gate (person-gate?) open in the fence across the bridge.   It's a long ski in, but the snow started right at the gate at 360m.   Somewhat depressingly, the heli-skiers were completely shredding the entire North side of Ipsoot as we climbed.  They were circling close enough overhead to smell the Jet-A in the downwash.  It wasn't quite the wilderness experience we were looking for.  Fortunately we couldn't actually see all the slopes they had schralped as we climbed so optimistically assumed some of the North Glacier would still be untracked.  Having started late, we camped in the marshy flats around 1200m on Saturday night, and headed up higher on Sunday.   Unsurprisingly, the @#$%& heli-skiers had also tracked out the North Glacier.  There is a lot of great terrain up there but the choppers eat it up damn pretty fast.  We climbed via the Ipsoot Glacier which is flat enough that the heli-skiers had left it alone.  The view from the summit was spectacular, but it was very windy.  The clouds were rolling in and the light was rapidly going flat so we headed back down the same way we came up.  Flat light, low-angle terrain and not much ski-pen meant for fast and somewhat uninspired skiing.  Still, it was a good trip.  We bagged a summit, saw the view, and went for a long wander.   Next time however, I'll try calling Whistler Heli-ski before I go to see if they'll tell me how much they've skied there and if they're planning to be there when I want to be there!

30.Mar.12: Ok, this is beyond delinquent.  Who knows maybe this is the start of a whole new phase of catching up on photos and web postings.  Let's face it.  Probably not.  In any case, I turned 40 and the waning, but not completely powerless forces of telemarxism saw fit to reward me with bottomless powder.  It actually really was bottomless.  We were back at Sentry Lodge (new and as yet unburned) at the end of January.  My photos are here.  Alex naturally has some great pictures too.  Terence has both photos and a fine video.

27.Nov.07: Paige and I skied into Elfin Lakes for the weekend.  We skinned in on Friday afternoon, arriving by moonlight.  Saturday was a bit clagged, but we did get up around the Gargoyles for some skiing.  Bill and Christina came in on Saturday evening.  The cabin was gagging with life on Saturday night.  Christina will remember to bring earplugs next time.  We all skied out together on Sunday getting in a few fine turns before reaching the throngs of daytrippers around Red Heather.

26.Nov.07: Alex I and skied Cloudburst last Thursday, the 22nd in bluebird conditions.  We drove to the fork between Cloudburst and Tricouni on the Chance Creek FSR.  Four hours got us to the summit with only very minimal hiking in the forest down low.  As usual Alex has better pictures.  I learned not to place the key in the instrument panel of the Subaru... watching it drop inside the dash is not a good feeling, nor is taking apart the dash in the dark on the Chance Creek FSR in order to retrieve it.  In the end probably less than 30 stressful minutes were wasted, but I have no plans to do that again.

20.Nov.07: Numerologists told me that the following sequence of numbers were auspicious: 12/11/2007 80+ cm in the alpine and indeed they were right.  Opening day at Whistler on the 17th was just fine.  The lifts were a zoo, but Harmony was not open and untracked.  I was too excited to take many pictures.  Alex again has the better photos.  Chairman Ron has posted his also, including pictures from both the Whistler day on Saturday and his beautiful Sunday at Elfin Lakes.  However based on observations of some of Ron's turns on Saturday, a healthy dose of self-criticism may be in order for the Chairman.  Else I suspect lackeys of the imperialist fixed-heel turn may sense his weakness and sell him a set of Dynafits.

14.May.07: Ron, Alex, Theo and I skied Mt. Baker.  Pushing pretty hard to make the summit I didn't take a lot of pictures.  Alex has a few nice photos here.  Ron has a more complete set of photos and reports on some of the weird goings on that day.

24.Mar.07:  So, I am the proud hoster of one of those sites that never gets updated.  Well, it's not just that I have been busy, the  European ski season pretty much wasn't this year.  Take for example this tour near Obertauern up to some 2000m in early February.  That said, there is a lot I should post.  We did ski at Zermatt, which despite rock hard snow, was still well worth the (immense) price of admission.  We did one of the least recommendable backcountry tours I have ever done... it was the first and hopefully the last time I will ever ski beside the Autobahn.  We did go to Sentry Lodge in the Selkirks, and a fine week was had by all, in fact pretty much fine enough to make up for all the crap skiing I have done in Europe this season.
  Lastly, a leadership struggle is underway among the inner circle of the Party Elite.  Chairwoman Madeline is rapidly gaining in power, and has begun flexing her new found will amongst the high-ranking cadres.

11.May.06:  To think that I thought I was busy last month... but I digress. Since Blanket we had an excellent spring trip to Solden, a very fine resort with stellar off-piste lines, and none too far from the Kuhtai (I see a trip shaping up for next year).  Pictures will be posted of that trip, and some of the fantastic shots I have received from Comrade Martin.  In the meantime however, you MUST read the smuggled writings that Comrade Martin has laboured to provide... giving you the full saga of his Euro visit.

03.Apr.06:  It's been busy lately... plenty of skiing but also too much flying.  Oh, and that working thing is also really cutting into my skiing.  I hope to post better compilation material soon, but for now, here is a hastily assembled album with some of my shots from this year's week at Blanket Glacier in the Monashees.

13.Mar.06:  Last week produced some very fine days.  The Kuhtai delivered again in the deepest of ways.  Even Schlick 2000 (yes, it's a ski hill, not a razor) was excellent.  Comrade Martin was given the full white carpet treatment.  Sadly though, there was actually too much powder.  There was no skiing to be had on Thursday, we were trapped between several avalanches within a few hundred metres of our rental cottage in the Kaunertal.  Instead we spent the day avalanche spectating.  I cobbled together this 5min, 20MB video of Comrade Martin's Euro ski vacation.  This one's in Quicktime which you can download here if you need it. 
It's got some fine footage if I may say so myself, and the second song should clearly be the official Telemarxist anthem.  The original full-size video looks way better, but at 260MB is too big to post.  I'll reserve that for exclusive in-person screenings...

27.Feb.06: We scoped out the Kaunertal on the weekend.  You can drive to 2750m, and the skiing on the Kaunerberg glacier was powdrous and fine, although generally a little flat.  Serfaus and Fiss have loads of terrain, but despite the 20cm or so that came down Sunday, the warmth last week left a nasty crust just under the surface at these elevations.  Check out the pictures of the snow church though!

Comrade Martin has sent me pictures from his recent sun-filled tour to the Marriot basin, so I took the liberty of making an album of these also.

A recent set of slides from the Stubai Glacier and a backcountry day near Seeblassspitze, also in the Stubaital.

A short but fine tele video from the same day.

A small set of slides from a not-so-powdrous backcountry day at Obernberg.

An earlier set of slides from a backcountry day near Navis, also in the Stubaital.

A trip in January to the Kuhtai gave us very fine lift-assisted powder… read the story or just watch the video.

This from our Austrian comrade Alex.  Although he still skis fixed-heel, he is a revolutionary at heart and for that reason we’ll post this link to the fine pictures from his Chilean ski trip (besides, the pictures are excellent).

By his own tragic example, Comrade Hugh reminds us all that even the most apparently simple path of the revolutionary is not without peril.

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