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Undoubtedly the burning question in the fertile minds of all you prospective revolutionaries is the obvious… “Who was the first Telemarxist?”

Che Guevara

Was it Che or was it Sondre?
Sondre Norheim


While some argue that Che, being a fervent Marxist but living so far from the birthplace of Marxism, was clearly an exemplary Telemarxist, these people typically understand little of the graceful lead change and simultaneous edge transition that is required by true followers of Telemarxism.

No, it is Sondre Norheim with his penchant for societal upheaval through revolutionary ski technique, who must really be credited.  To be fair however, had Che had the time or better snow conditions, he would undoubtedly have doggedly pursued this altogether more subtle route toward a Utopian society.

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